Thursday, April 7, 2011

Roundabout Poo

Dear Potty,

When I was younger I would sneak my boyfriend in my room at night. He would wake up early and leave before my parents woke up. One night I woke up and noticed my boyfriend climbing out of my window. I got up and watched him walk on the side of my house and disappear. 10 minute later he returned. That next day I went to the side of the house where he had disappeared to see what he had been doing and that's when I saw it...

Boxers and POO! Yes, he had taken a dump on the side of my house and then whiped his arse with his boxers! I had to remove the stinky evidence from the scene of the crime so that my parents wouldn't find out. (It would have been bad if he was caught sleeping in my room, but it would have been a GAZILLION times worse if they found out I was dating a weird poo dumper. No pun intended.)

I spoke to my boyfriend that evening and asked him if he had really been shatting on the side of my house. He looked at me like I was crazy and said yah like it was nothing. And no, I did not break up with him.



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